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KYS Athlete Discovery  provides a submersive athletic experience as athletes are tested in various sports drills to be sent out to college recruiters across the midwest. Athletes will receive instruction on proper execution of each drill prior to testing by Sharp Performance certified coaches. Athletes in attendance will also have the opportunity to attend the SP NO SPEED LIMIT Clinic (following testing). No Speed Limit clinics provide the needed take home drills and tips athletes need to maximize athletic performance. SP Coaches are trained to identify even the smallest of details to help each athlete unlock their true speed potential. 


​Male & Female Athletes Grade Years 2025-2030

Get Recruited

In order to become a college athlete you must first get on the radar of college recruiters. Testing data for all participants will be made available to colleges across the midwest. This includes recruiters for the following sports- Football, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Track & Field, Tennis. 

Get Faster

It’s no secret.Speed & Agility is the single most important trait any athlete can possess,  regardless of sport. SP NO SPEED LIMIT Clinics teach applicable drills and address the fine details each individual athlete needs to maximize their speed potential.

Learn how to execute combine drills

It is intimidating for any athlete to attend a college prospect camp and even worse if they have no prior experience or practice of the drills they will be asked to execute. You will literally get a jump on the competition as we teach you how to properly perform the Vertical Jump Test, 40yd dash, Pro Agility and many other athletic testing drills. 

Track progress

& build work ethic

Nothing boosts an athletes confidence more than hitting a PR!  Each year athletes return to SP ATHLETE DISCOVERY Camp and set new Personal Best Marks.. Giving athletes an opportunity to see and track progress year after year gives them the affirmation they need that the sacrifices they are making are worth it. This helps us reaffirm to the young athlete that the work ethic and sacrifice he/she made is key to not only athletic achievement but also to fulfilling their life goals.  

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•Athlete Profile


•College Recruitment Opportunities 


•Regional Sports Media Coverage


•Elite Speed & Agility Coaching


•Platform to Showcase your talents

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