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Kansas Youth Sports mission is to empower youth through organized sports, fostering teamwork, leadership, and skill development while providing accessible opportunities for all.   


Kansas Youth Sports scholarships are based on financial need only and are not related to your child's level of play or athletic ability.

Kansas Youth Sports will provide a max of 3 scholarships per family household per calendar year

KYS scholarships are granted for families who: 

  •   Qualify for state or federal financial aid. 

  •   Qualify for financial aid at school (students). 

  •   Special circumstances. If you don't qualify for financial aid but your financial situation has recently changed, we will consider circumstances on a case-by-case basis. 

* CKFL scholarships are open for application April 1st to June 20th 

* CKFL scholarships require a member of the household to participate in 4 hours of  community service. Community service events will be selected and scheduled by Kansas Youth Sports. Community service MUST be completed prior to checking out equipment for the season.

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